Back to Basics: Getting started as a uPerform Author – Webinar recording

Are you new to uPerform? Has it been a while since you’ve used the uPerform recorder? This webinar helps authors begin creating content immediately, by walking through the initial system setup requirements, how to use the recording client, and providing best practices, so you are set up for success. Watch to learn editing tips and tricks that will help you finalize your document before publishing, based on the most popular features used by other uPerform users. 

Topics included: 

  • Initial system setup for uPerform authors  
  • Demonstration: Creating a new uPerform recording

The functionality included in this webinar is available with the latest version of uPerform.



uPerform New Author Resources


  1. How do we access the text to speech audio, you demonstrated in the recording playback.

    To get our new Amazon Polly voices, contact your Account Manager by submitting a ticket to learn more information about that add-on.
  2. Where in the client can we confirm the current version of the application?

    In the client, click the arrow next to the question mark on the upper right, then select About. 
  3. Can we use TTS or use our normal voices?

    uPerform defaults to using text to speech so it will read the action steps that are created by default. But you are also able to insert manual audio with your voice or insert an audio file.
  4. Are the new voices available for on premise customers as well?

    Our Amazon Polly voices are an add-on only available for our uPerform Cloud clients. Contact your Account Manager by creating a ticket to learn more information about that add-on.
  5. How do you insert a quiz, or assessment after or during a uPerform recording?

    You can insert both a simulation and a quiz or assessment into a uPerform Course file. If you'd like more information on setting up a session, to learn more about courses or assessments, you can submit a ticket or contact your Account Manager. 
  6. What is the name of uPerform’s YouTube channel for the how-to videos?

    Click this link to visit our YouTube channel. Or, you can visit, and search for “uPerform”. When you click into our channel, the playlist that holds our how-to videos, is called, "Become a uPerform expert in minutes."
  7. So, can we upload a new voice? And does the template need to be updated?

    You are able to change your text to speech voice and that is set or changed in the template. See the Online Guide to using Text to Speech in uPerform for more information. 
  8. How do you change the color of the call outs? And are they different in the document view versus the simulation view?

    In the client, you can right click on a note and click Edit Note to change the colors. If you'd like to change the color for all of the notes or action steps that can be done in the template. 
  9. Is there a way to swap screenshots on a step without having to start recording a new step?

    Yes, you can change the order of steps using drag and drop, or you can swap out the screen in a step by selecting Edit Step from the right-click menu, and then selecting the Screen tab.
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