uPerform Content Editing 101 – Webinar recording

If you are new to the uPerform authoring community or need a refresher on how to edit and update content, this webinar features what you need to know to help make you a more proficient editor. We walk-through real-world scenarios and editing best practices to help you streamline your updates and create more valuable educational content for your learners.

Topics included: 

  • Editing new content
  • Editing/updating existing content
  • Using two editors simultaneously
  • Copying steps or workflows between documents
  • Editing document properties

The functionality included in this webinar is available with the latest version of uPerform Cloud.



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1. When is it better to add steps from a new recording versus creating a brand-new recording when something changes?

It’s going to be case by case. If you're referring to a few small changes, it’s better for you to insert those steps to save you time and effort. If you are dealing with a more radical change to your workflow then that is where you would potentially want to start completely over and re-record your document. To collect further advice based on your use case, you can submit a ticket or contact your Account Manager.

2. Is it possible to work with two windows open, one, for the document view and one, for the simulation view of the same document?

So, you can have one document in document view and a different document in a simulation view, but not the same document in both views.

3. Can you change the size, in terms of the width of the caret from the bubble to the action?

In terms of a note, you can't change the caret but you can change the red rubber band that calls out the action or the field that you're interested in. You can also change the size of the bubble. And there is additional formatting there if you wanted to change the look of your bubble in terms of information or color.

4. Is it possible to have an animation made through PowerPoint show when uploaded to uPerform? Or does all animation have to be done within the uPerform simulation?

PowerPoint animation doesn't come into uPerform, so you would lose that animation. Whether you import it into an eLearning course, or you grab a screenshot and paste it into the simulation, you'd have to add the animation within uPerform.

5. Is there ever a time when it makes more sense to edit in the document view?

There are free text areas within the document view. So, if you wanted to add additional information, you can add to the text document that would potentially transfer over to your simulation.

6. Is it possible to copy a step from one simulation to another simulation, just by right clicking and copying without using the option to insert steps from a document?

You can copy and paste notes and formatting from one document to another. And when it comes to actual images themselves, you cannot simply copy and paste, you would need to use the Insert from Document function and then choose the steps that you want.

7. Can you create a custom note type?

Yes, you can create custom notes with your admin via the template with custom notes. They can be configured with whichever icon you would like to use, colors you would like to use, whether it has a pointer or not. You can also preset text in the custom note. With the custom note you can have the standards prebuilt in for the authors to insert.

8. Instead of copying a document or recording into a different one, would it be better to use a link?

Yes, linking would be better, so if you make any changes to one you don’t have to try to maintain two documents with the same steps. But then there's certain scenarios where it is better to just copy the steps over. To inquire further you can submit a ticket or contact your Account Manager.

9. When creating a custom note, does the template need to be updated?

Yes, it is all done in the template.

10. If you create a custom note that has a lot of text, can you define or specify the dimensions of the note, so it does not have to be resized after being inserted?

No, you cannot specify the dimensions of a note at this time.


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