uPerform All About Audio – Webinar recording

If you are new to the uPerform authoring community or need a refresher on how to add, edit or enhance audio for your simulations, videos and courses, this session is for you! This webinar teaches authors how to edit transcripts, featuring audio best practices. We even introduce our latest audio enhancement powered by Amazon Polly! Watch as we walk-through real-world scenarios to help you streamline your updates and deliver more engaging learning content for your learners.  

Topics included:  

  • How to add text to a transcript 
  • Understanding your audio source options  
  • How to swap out manual audio for text to speech (TTS) 
  • End users view of the transcript  
  • Introduction to Amazon Polly  
  • New author resources available to your team at no additional cost 

Amazon Polly is available as an add-on feature to the uPerform Cloud subscription. All other functionality included in this webinar is available with the latest version of uPerform Cloud.



uPerform Audio Resources

uPerform New Author Resources 



1. Is it possible to import external audio to uPerform? If so, what is the recommended file type?

Yes, you can import custom audio into uPerform. We accept various audio file types, but we do recommend .MP3 since they produce smaller size files.

2. Can you adjust the timing of the steps so that the full audio clip plays before the step advances?

Yes, but each step will by default adjust to the audio length. You can lengthen the step timing via the step properties. They will always read the audio first and stay on the step throughout the entire audio clip.

3. Can end-user mute audio while watching playback? 

Yes, end users can mute the audio if they'd like. 

4. Is Amazon Polly an out of box feature with uPerform or is it an add-on feature?

Amazon Polly is an add-on feature. If you are interested, please contact your Account Manager, or submit a ticket on the Intelligence Hub and we’ll discuss how to get started.

5. Is there a way to get more expression from the Polly voice?

You can select different styles of speaking and modify how the voice reads the text using SSML tags. Access our guide to using SSML tags with Amazon Polly under ‘uPerform Audio Resources’. 

6. What is the function of localized features in uPerform? 

Localize features are used for translations, so that you can easily create content in different languages.  And for each piece of content, you can have localized transcripts and audio.

7. How can I go about toggling between Microsoft Voice and Amazon Polly?

Depending on the type of document, you have the ability to toggle between voices. 

8. Do you need to install the Amazon Polly voices locally on your PC like you do with Microsoft voices?

If you would like but it is not required. If you are previewing content locally, you would need those voices to be a part of the template.

9. Is adding music to a course or stimulation a separate option or feature to add as a secondary audio file in the background, in addition to a voiceover file? 

We recommend combing your audio with the music so that it comes in as one file. There is only one place to import audio for each step of your content. 

10. What version of the client are the "Step text followed by transcript" & "Transcript followed by step text" available?

These are available in all versions of uPerform with text to speech. 

11. Is Polly's Voices integrated into the uPerform Cloud subscription?

Amazon Polly is an add-on feature to the uPerform Cloud subscription. If you are interested, please contact your Account Manager, or submit a ticket on the Intelligence Hub and we’ll discuss how to get started.

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