How can I submit tickets, download software, and obtain product keys for ANCILE products via SAP? (Outside US and Canada only)



  • Product: ANCILE uPerform, ANCILE uPerform Express, ANCILE Info Pak


Refer to this SAP ONE Support Launchpad link for information relating to its use.

For web link shortcuts to request product help from SAP, download software or request a product key for the first time, please refer to the links below. 

 Additional Information

  • SAP Productivity Pak is ANCILE uPerform
  • SAP Productivity Pak Composer is ANCILE uPerform Express
  • When logging support incidents with SAP, enter a SAP Component name starting with XX-PART-ANC eg XX-PART-ANC-SPP for SAP Productivity Pak, XX-PART-ANC-SPC for SAP Productivity Pak Composer
  • ANCILE products are listed under the SAP Education Products category when downloading software 
  • SAP provide initial/tier 1 support as per your company’s maintenance agreement with SAP. ANCILE Solutions provide development support for incidents escalated to ANCILE by the SAP Support team.
  • A benefit of submitting tickets via this channel is that all the communication history including logs, screen shots and documents are captured in the one ticket and are visible to the SAP Support and ANCILE Customer Success teams assisting. This helps us in allocating you a support resource, troubleshooting and escalation, providing you with the best outcome.
  • Your company’s SAP basis team will be able to grant you permission to log your own SAP Incidents which is ideal, alternatively they may choose to log them on your behalf.
  • SAP Note 1131270 - Support Information Info Pak and SAP productivity Pak
  • SAP Note 2001184 - SAP Productivity Pak/Composer (uPerform) patch 5.nx and InfoPak patch 5.9x
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