ANCILE Products and SAP Premium Qualification

What is SAP Premium Qualification?
SAP Premium Qualification is a standardized testing process intended to ensure a smooth implementation of all software solutions sold by SAP. During Premium Qualification, products are tested and validated by SAP. All SAP-provided solutions must pass through SAP Premium Qualification prior to general availability release. 

What releases are affected by SAP Premium Qualification?
SAP reserves the right to run any release that contains new functionality through Premium Qualification. This typically includes major and minor versions (for example, ANCILE uPerform 5.3).

How does this affect existing customers who want to upgrade to the newest version?
SAP Licensed customers will continue to use the current, generally available version until the newest version has passed SAP Premium Qualification and been released. Once SAP has released the newest version, customers will receive a perpetual product ID for the version.

Where can I get information about the product release or versions? 
Product documentation will be available on the ANCILE Intelligence Hub prior to SAP Premium Qualification completion. Installation files will be made available on the ANCILE Intelligence Hub and SAP Service Marketplace once the release has passed SAP Premium Qualification.

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