The ANCILE uPerform 5.20.7 Update is Now Available

**This is not the latest version of uPerform. You can always find information about the latest version here.**

We are pleased to announce the release of the 5.20.7 updates for both uPerform and uPerform Express.

The 5.20.7 Update is cumulative and includes all fixes and new features provided in the previous 5.20.x updates. Please check the release notes for previous versions at the links below for a comprehensive list. 

ANCILE uPerform 5.20.x Release Notes

ANCILE uPerform Express 5.20.x Release Notes

Note: The 5.20.7 Client Update version requires a Server Update version of 5.20.4, 5.20.5, 5.20.6 or 5.20.7. See Do My Client and Server Update Versions Need to Match? for more information.

The 5.20.7 updates can be downloaded here:*

ANCILE uPerform 5.20.7 Server Update

ANCILE uPerform 5.20.7 Client Update

ANCILE uPerform 5.20.7 Client Update (Subscription Based Customers Only)

ANCILE uPerform Express 5.20.7 Update

*Customers licensed through the SAP Global Maintenance Agreement should submit a ticket to SAP via the SAP Service Marketplace to request the installation files. For more information see Using SAP Service Marketplace to Submit Issues, Download Software, and Obtain Product Keys

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