ANCILE uPerform Templates Part 3: Languages and Phrases


In this eLearning course, ANCILE's Team Cronos will show you how the language settings in your uPerform Template affect your translation options, and how you can customize the default text (even if you're only using one language) in your recordings and other publications using the phrases in your template.

If you have any questions about this course, please ask in the comments section below.

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    Mariette Smit

    HI Chandra

    I have worked through the Blocks and Sections course, but I need to know how to delete a block from a section. To give a bit of context, the previous admin added a standard step 1 to the Procedure section and now I want to remove it, but the Remove button is disabled. See pic below.

    Could you please let me know what I should be doing.

    Thank you kindly.



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    Chandra Mullineaux

    Hi Mariette -

    In order to delete a block from a section, you have to have at least two blocks so you can remove the unwanted one. In other words, you need to have at least one block in each section, so it won’t let you delete a block when there are no other blocks left. You first have to add a block, which you intend to keep, then the Remove button will be activated.  Then you can remove the first one.

    1. Click Add button
    2. Add a new block
    3. Click on the first block that you want to remove and click the Remove button

    I hope that helps!