How to upload files to tickets on the Intelligence Hub


To upload a file for the uPerorm Support team after submitting a ticket on the Intelligence Hub.


  • Browser: Microsoft (R) Edge, Google (R) Chrome, or Mozilla (R) Firefox


Note: You cannot upload or attach files while submitting the ticket. You must submit the ticket first and then upload the files.

  1. Log into the Intelligence Hub.
  2. Click My Activities.
  3. Click the ticket to which you would like to upload files.
  4. On the bottom right portion of the screen, under the Upload/Download Files heading, click Click here to authorize. 
    Note: If this is the first time you have uploaded/downloaded files from your ticket you will need to authorize. If you delete your browser cache or use a different browser, you will need to authorize again.
  5. After the page reloads, click +Add file to upload files



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