Power Up Your uPerform Content - Webinar Recording

Looking for tips to create content faster using uPerform? Need a refresher on simulation or document editing? Watch this Webinar to see how you can do the following:

  • Create custom notes
  • Apply the power of sections and blocks
  • Use text to speech
  • Automate common editing by altering phrases
  • Use masks in images
  • Separate images for print






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    Sjoerd de Vries

    I liked the webinar. Have some notes though. I usually also delte the click actions that record to select a field before typing. Deleting makes the simulation smoother, but when you do re-recordings (for translation or updates) is it a bit harder to accomplish as that step is missing. When you change in the simulation that a user can type anything, the simulation only continues when the user press ENTER. I wonder if that can't be improved from a user experience standpoint.