Content curation with uPerform - Webinar Recording

Does your organization struggle with multiple content repositories? Curious about how to leverage uPerform for learning content management so your learners always have what they need to get through their workstreams? Watch this webinar to learn about creating content hierarchy, related documents, and incorporating non-uPerform documents like Captivate, Storyline, MS Office files, and web links in uPerform. 

Topics covered:

  • Manage your document library 
  • Tag and relate documents 
  • Integrate non-uPerform documents 


CORRECTION: During the webinar we incorrectly noted that versions removed by the maximum version setting go to the recycle bin. Prior versions are removed permanently; they are not moved to the recycle bin prior to deletion.



Below is a summary of the Q&A from this webinar:

  1. Have invitations for the 4/18 webinar gone out yet? No, not yet.
  2. Can we assign our own templates. How does that work? If you are an administrator, you can check a Template into the server from the Client and then assign it to a project. You can see instructions in the manual here: 
  3. What version of uPerform was demoed during the webinar? It's the latest release of our uPerform subscription (SaaS).
  4. Can you launch the uPerform app from the website? Yes, the Learning Library and Management center can be launched from any browser. The uPerform recording client must be installed locally. The authoring client is also available from Management Center to download so you don't have to figure out where to get it.
  5. Will on prem versions of uPerform be updated with these enhancements? No. Latest on premise release is 5.40.3 and is in maintenance mode only. You can upgrade to a subscription easily. Contact via the Intel Hub or your sales rep.
  6. Is the assessment capability only available on uPerform subscription (SaaS)? No. Assessments have been available in uPerform for many years.
  7. What happens if you don't paste after cutting when moving documents? The content would remain on the clipboard until you select a new location.
  8. Can I copy content from one project to another project? For uPerform content, you would need to assign a new GUID. You can see more about this here:
  9. Are the on prem installs of uPerform are being sunset? No, 5.40.x is still supported. However, it will be getting bug fixes only. All new features will be in our uPerform subscription (SaaS) offering.
  10. Are we able to add Adobe Captivate documents using uPerform version 5.40.2? No, that functionality is only available in uPerform subscription (SaaS). 
  11. Can I relate documents using previous versions of uPerformYes, "Related Documents" are available in older versions of uPerform. However, the End User Websites don't display them like the Learning Library, and the Learning Library is subscription only. 
  12. Where can I find more information about reporting options for the 3rd party content / SCORM packages? You can find more information and a demonstration here:
  13. What metadata does the search feature pull? How does search work? In addition to the document content, search also indexes document property values. Search results are also dependent on the user’s uPerform role. End User search returns documents containing term inside the document/course and/or within the document title. uPerform Admin search returns everything the user has created or edited including tasks, projects, folders, and documents.
  14. Group-based filtering cannot be used with anonymous access - is that correct? Our subscription offering does not allow anonymous access. (There are ways to set it up to simulate it, but group-based filtering depends on knowing about the individual user.)
  15. I don’t see some of the enhancements that Greg is demoing. How do I get access to them? Get in touch and we can help you get upgraded to a uPerform subscription.
  16. Can my website folder structure be completely different from the structure of my document library? Yes, it can be completely different.
  17. Do Versions removed by maximum version setting go to the recycle bin first before they are removed permanently? No. Prior revisions are removed permanently; they are not moved to the recycle bin prior to deletion.
  18. In the 'Add Discussion" feature, how will the author be notified that a question or change message exist? Is there anything automated, or must I monitor my Discussion tab? Alerts appear on your dashboard and like other alerts, you can choose to receive email notifications.
  19. Are the outputs similar between uPerform version 5.4 and SaaS? Yes, the outputs are the same.  However, there are new skins for Simulations and Courses that are only in uPerform subscription. 
  20. The animations and interactions of captivate courses are also imported into uPerformYes, the published file will play with animations and interactions. 
  21. Can you talk more about the Search functionality for managed documents and the part that you can edit that has transaction code etc. How can you make that work for transactions that do not have a transaction code? The search feature uses the title, file name, properties, metadata, and includes content inside the document itself to find matches. For managed documents, the search feature references the title, name, and properties of the managed document.
  22. Can you automatically set up your website folders to match your document library? Yes, you can find more information here:
  23. Is there any reason why you would NOT want to set up your Document Library and Website folders to match? Yes, sometimes the folders that will make sense to your authors will not be intuitive for your end-users.
  24. Can you use the document properties to create website folders automatically? Yes, you can find more information about using Dynamic Website Folders here: 


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