Can the Office 365 (Excel) be used to import data from External Reporting URL's?


  • Product: uPerform
  • Version: 5.40.x (on-premise) and older


In order to import the data using Office 365, the Legacy Data Import Wizard must be enabled.
Enable the Legacy Wizard in Excel by performing the following steps:
  • Open Excel.
  • Go to File > Options > Click on Data & under Show Legacy data import wizards, click From web and others as desired.
  • Click Ok to save.
  • Create a new spreadsheet and click on the Data tab.
  • Click on the Get Data option. From the list you should now see Legacy Wizards.
  • Select From web (legacy).
  • In the resulting web query window, enter the url in the address field then click go. Enter credentials when prompted.
  • Click the arrow as directed in the query window to import the areas you wish to import.
  • Click the Import button.

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