Is anyone looking at your content? - Webinar Recording

How many users are accessing your content? Which documents are accessed the most? Learn more about the reporting and analytics capabilities of uPerform subscription and how you can get answers to your most important questions about your content.

Topics covered:

  • Canned reports
  • Creating custom reports
  • Export options
  • Linking reports to your dashboard

The functionality included in this webinar is available with the latest version of uPerform subscription.



Below is a summary of the Q&A from this webinar: 

  1. Is this webinar focused on functionality available in uPerform subscription (formerly uPerform Cloud)? Yes, this functionality is only available with uPerform subscription.

  2. Can I create my own report? Yes, you can create your own report by selecting the New Report button located on the top right of the Management Center under the Reports tab. Watch the webinar recording to learn more. 
  3. Can I connect my own third-party reporting tool to uPerform? Yes, this can be setup with different reporting tools via multiple methods. Contact us to learn more.

  4. Which version of export is used for Power BI? As Greg mentions during the webinar, the integration is a reporting API.

  5. Will this customize the management overview for all users or just the user that is currently logged in? As Greg mentioned, this is specific to the user logged in customizing their Management Center dashboard.

  6. How often is the data store updated that's used for reports? As Greg mentions during the webinar, the data is updated hourly.

  7. Is the report on your dashboard static, based on the last time you ran the report? Or is it dynamic? As Greg mentions during the webinar, this is dynamic reporting. The data is refreshed when you navigate to the dashboard or manually select to refresh the dashboard.

  8. In the Assessment report what difference between the score, status, and result columns? The score is the score the learner received and the result is whether the learner passed or failed.

  9. Is this faster than the on-premise version of uPerform that I have today? Yes, the reporting is faster than the on-premise version of uPerform.
  10. If you don't have uPerform subscription (formerly uPerform Cloud), will your site look different? Our company doesn't use the cloud and our site doesn't look like this. Yes, the on-premise version of uPerform has a different analytics engine. The interface is different and some of the data you see here is not available.

  11. I inherited the uPerform tool. How do I determine which reports are delivered by Ancile and which are customized? You can usually tell which reports have been customized by the name or description of the report.

  12. What kind of project management can reporting help with? We have a Task Status Report and Workflow Status report which are useful for project management. Watch the webinar recording to learn more.

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