uPerform Branding Series Part 2: Branding your Simulations and eLearning Courses

Looking to brand your uPerform simulations for the first time? Unsure how to brand your uPerform eLearning courses? This webinar is the second of our two-part branding series where we walk through how any uPerform administrator can customize your simulations and courses with your organization’s brand using the uPerform editor.    

Topics covered: 

  • Branding your simulations  
  • Customizing your eLearning courses 
  • Creating custom course skins 

The functionality included in this webinar requires a uPerform Administrator role to configure and is available with the latest version of uPerform subscription.


uPerform Branding Series Part 2: Branding your Simulations and eLearning Courses - MP4 Recording


Below is a summary of the Q&A from this webinar:

  1. What best practices are available when compressing the graphic to the recommended pixels to ensure a good resolution when publishing in uPerform? We recommend that you use graphic editing software to resize the image while maintaining the proportions. Photoshop would be a high-end option, but there are many lower cost or free alternatives as well.
  2. How do I remove the 'Launch Course' image so my end-user can directly open the course without clicking on a link? Can this be done? This capability is not currently supported. 
  3. Are there plans to assign a skin to a specific project or better that you can select in the course or simulation properties on which skin you want to use? You can use a different template with each project, and configure the template to use another skin. Anything developed with that template would use the designated skin. If you have pre-existing courses that you would like to use in this scenario, submit a ticket to ANCILE support and they can show you how to move a course from one project/template to another.
  4. Will you be covering the process of editing the Launch.html? I'm interested in knowing the copyright color. If you mean the color of the box that the copyright is located in, it’s the color in the template labeled “Player Secondary Color”. Go to Publications/Default Publication Settings/Course and select Course User Interface Settings from the menu on that page, and you’ll see the player secondary color there.

Related Resources

Below are helpful resources to help you manage your uPerform simulations and courses:

  1. How to create custom course and simulation skins: https://support.ancile.com/hc/en-us/articles/201017954
  2. How to check-in and share custom course and simulation skins: https://support.ancile.com/hc/en-us/articles/201106350 
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