Back to Basics: Getting started as a uPerform Author - Webinar Recording

Are you new to uPerform? Has it been a while since you’ve used the uPerform recorder? This webinar helps authors begin creating content immediately, by walking through the initial system setup requirements, how to use the recording client and providing best practices, so you are set up for success. Watch to learn editing tips and tricks that will help you finalize your document before publishing, based on the most popular features used by other uPerform users.   

Topics covered: 

  • Initial system setup for uPerform authors  
  • Demonstration: Creating a uPerform recording 
  • Document editing best practices 

 The functionality included in this webinar is available with the latest version of uPerform.


Back to Basics: Getting started as a uPerform Author - MP4 recording


Below is a summary of the Q&A from this webinar:

  1. Is there a limited or recommended number of steps for a recording? We encourage authors to create content in "small bites" because people learn better when presented with sets of smaller steps. 25 steps or less is the best practice. Try not to go above 50, if possible.
  2. Is it still recommended to create the file name without spaces? As Greg mentioned during the webinar, this is no longer needed. If your file name has underscores or dashes, you can go to Properties and manage the Title to control the name of the document in the Learning Library, to make it more user-friendly.
  3. Is it recommended to edit your recording in simulation mode? Yes, it's recommended because it provides a better end-user experience when editing your recording. 
  4. What is the recommended screen resolution to record in? Keep in mind that your users are on various devices with different screen sizes. Ask your IT department what the "lowest common denominator" is across devices in your organization and use their recommendation. You can change your PC display settings to match their recommendation.
  5. Can you add custom icons for a note? We are in the process of adding more icons for notes in the near future. You can add your own icon by right-clicking the note, choose edit note, choose not to display an icon, and copy and paste your own icon directly in the note.
  6. Are Mac users able to use the recorder? No, the recorder is for Windows only.
  7. Is there a way to have a different number of steps in a simulation vs. a document? Yes, you can insert sub-steps in Simulation mode, but its best practice to keep consistency across both.
  8. Can you record applications running in the Microsoft Edge browser? Currently, it is not possible to record in the Edge browser. But it is possible to view and access content on the website using Edge.
  9. How do you change the color of the step number in the Document tab? The color of a note can be changed by right-clicking the note and editing.
  10. Will uPerform work automatically on any business software that I have on my desktop? Yes but some additional configurations may be required, uPerform supports recording all web and windows based applications. Contact your Account Manager for more information.
  11. Is there a way to have fewer steps in the document than the simulation, or do you have to have the same number of document and simulation steps? Yes, this is possible if you choose to not display the image for a step. This can be accessed on the document tab by editing the step and clicking Screen and changing the value in the dropdown for Show the screen for this step in the document.
  12. Is the uPerform recorder able to capture SAP MII application in Internet Explorer?  What about SAP NWBC? Yes, uPerform supports recording in these and many other business and healthcare apps. Our full list of supported apps is available at
  13. Is there a way to export to a PowerPoint with a transcript? You can publish to a PowerPoint or import a PowerPoint, depending on your preference.
  14. Do you have an online quick reference guide for editing? Not yet, but we'll consider developing it. Check out our related resources in the section below.
  15. Is there a way to set recordings to always record the entire screen instead of focusing on pop-up menus? Yes, you can configure this by navigating to Preferences, and choose from the Recording Mode drop-down menu, or check the boxes at the top to Always Use Desktop Screenshot. 
  16. What is the "Screenflow" tab used for? Screenflow tab is just another format that you can produce from your recording. It allows for a Vizio-looking output to show the flow of your recording using the screen clips or thumbnail views.

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