Your content is only useful if it's easy to access - Webinar recording

Are your learners struggling to find your help materials? Do you maintain documents, weblinks, and eLearning courses across multiple systems or file shares? With uPerform, you can upload external or third-party learning content, such as Captivate, PDFs, Word files and more, making it available to your entire organization in a single repository, so learners have a single place to go for all your training and support content. 

Topics included:

  • Uploading Captivate, PDFs, and web links
  • Accessing learning assets in the Learning Library
  • Following documents and saving as favorites

The functionality included in this webinar is available with the latest version of uPerform. 


Your content is only useful if it's easy to access - MP4 recording

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  1. Is this functionality available with my version of uPerform? This functionality is available in the latest on-premise version (5.40.x) as well as the latest uPerform cloud subscription version of uPerform. 
  2. Is there a size limit on the content that I can upload? Yes, each server has a size limit, which is not usually encountered by our clients. If you run into any issues uploading a file, open a ticket with the uPerform Customer Success team and we'll look at increasing the size limit for you.
  3. Can I upload managed documents with the uPerform desktop application? No, managed documents must be uploaded through the server. 
  4. Can I make changes to a Captivate course I've uploaded to uPerform? Changes to a Captivate course must be made using the Captivate software. Save your changes and upload the new file (following the instructions provided during this webinar) to the uPerform server for end-users to see the changes. 
  5. When uploading a new version of a managed document, do you have to publish the new document for end-users to see it? Yes, in order for end-users to see the content you must assign website context (defines location on Learning Library where the content can be found) and you must publish the file. 
  6. How do I make changes to an HTML document I created in uPerform? If the HTML document was created in uPerform, you can choose to either lock your document and edit directly in uPerform, or choose to edit the content in an HTML editor and replace the file on the uPerform server. 
  7. Is there documentation available to walk me through how to use my Captivate courses in uPerform? Yes, all of our documentation is available on our Intelligence Hub website at See our Helpful resources section above for direct links to resources related to this webinar.
  8. Do template properties get added to the source file? No, not automatically. Users must assign the template to the third-party document you've uploaded, then you can update properties in the uPerform system.
  9. What are some other types of third-party content I can upload to uPerform (other than Captivate)? You can upload any type of digital file to uPerform. End-users will open non-SCORM-based files by downloading a copy from the uPerform system to their device. 
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