Upgrading to SAP Fiori? Let us show you how uPerform integrates in-application help to support your rollout - Webinar recording

Bring uPerform along your SAP® journey to help users navigate your upgrade to SAP Fiori® with enhanced in-application help. Watch this recording to learn how uPerform helps users make sense of the new, complex software with training and guidance at their fingertips with content relevant to the role and process they are executing. Authors benefit from enriched recording capabilities that automatically captures metadata for quicker assignment of contextualized help to specific workflows.  

Topics and demonstrations include: 

  • End-user in-application help experience
  • Configuring the connection profile
  • Auto-context capturing when recording
  • Fiori tile presentation integration  

Greg LaPalomento, our expert Strategic Software Consultant, provides a demonstration, followed by time for questions. 


Upgrading to SAP Fiori®? Let us show you how uPerform integrates in-application help to support your rollout - MP4 recording

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Upgrading to uPerform Cloud

Setting up and using uPerform in-application help with Fiori is even easier with uPerform Cloud! Not yet on the latest and greatest version? Catch last month's webinar recording where Sean Wynne, IS Learning and Development Consultant at Maple Leaf Foods, shared his upgrade experience including the impactful benefits they’ve realized by migrating to the Cloud. 

Hear from your Peer: Upgrading to uPerform Cloud with Maple Leaf Foods - Virtual uNetwork recording


  1. Is in-application help for SAP Fiori available in my version of uPerform? The capabilities shared today are available in both the latest uPerform Cloud and 5.40.6 on-premise versions of uPerform. You can find your current version of uPerform in the About screen in uPerform or submit a ticket to our Customer Success team. 
  2. How does the in-application help context get captured automatically? If I’ve already created content can I add it manually? The uPerform recorder grabs the context information directly from the Fiori application. Yes, context can be added to existing content manually.
  3. Is there a particular browser I should use to record? We recommend using Internet Explorer for recording content. 
  4. Why do you recommend Internet Explorer versus others for recording? Internet Explorer has been the most widely used browser optimized for use with efficient and reliable recording and automatic context capturing. The uPerform team is busy updating the recorder for use with Google Chrome in the future. 
  5. What about Microsoft Edge? Microsoft Edge is built on the Chromium development kit, similar to Google Chrome. So, the roadmap work in progress to support Google Chrome may provide us the ability to support Microsoft Edge as well. More information coming soon after testing is completed! 
  6. What browsers are supported for the uPerform in-application help browser extension? The floating help button feature is available on the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers, but the Learning Library is accessible from all browsers. 
  7. My organization is moving to Fiori in a phased project plan, will Help LaunchPad still be available for my SAP GUI app? Yes, Help LaunchPad is still available and supported. 
  8. Does the Fiori app require configuration to set up this feature? Yes, and you'll need a Basis Developer person involved. Start by submitting a ticket to our Customer Success team to walk through the next steps.
  9. What code does the Basis team need? You'll need to provide your Basis team with a zip file that you can download from our Intelligence Hub. Start by submitting a ticket to our Customer Success team to get started. 
  10. Can this feature be used with iOS and Android? Yes, iOS users can view content in the Safari browser. MacOS is not yet supported. 
  11. Is the in-application help pop-up window responsive? Yes, the pop-up is displaying our Learning Library portal which is responsive. 
  12. Can we include uPerform documents for ECC and Fiori? Yes, these documents can be included in the list of help documents available in the Learning Library. For ECC-recorded documents, you'll need to edit them to provide context so that they can be displayed in the Fiori help web app.
  13. Can this feature be linked with SuccessFactors? Yes, uPerform Cloud supports SuccessFactors integration with the Learning Library and Management Center. 
  14. For on-premise, what version of the uPerform capture engine is required? Version 6.40.3 is required. Submit a ticket to our Customer Support team who can help get you upgraded to the right version. uPerform Cloud customers are already using the latest version required. 
  15. Is basis code a transport? Which environment needs to be configured? The environment you'll be supporting depends on the environments used for end-user access and recording help documentation. We recommend configuring it in all of your environments including dev, preview, and production. 
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