Hear from your Peer: Upgrading to uPerform Cloud with Avnet - Virtual uNetwork recording

Are you considering upgrading to uPerform Cloud?  Many new features are waiting for you on our enhanced platform. But don't take our word for it – Dene White, Courseware Developer at Avnet, shares his upgrade experience including the impactful benefits they’ve realized by migrating to the Cloud. As a uPerform Admin, Dene illustrates the steps and resources involved in upgrading, so you can learn how to apply the same approach for your migration.  

Christina Eberly, a Client Success Lead on the uPerform team provides an overview of the upgrade process and answers all your important questions. By the end of the webinar you know what to expect, what resources will be needed and for how long, and the support that our team will provide to you every step of the way. 


Hear from your Peer: Upgrading to uPerform Cloud with Avnet - MP4 recording

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  1. What has the feedback been from end-users at Avnet since migrating to uPerform Cloud from on-prem? Feedback has been very positive, including the new look and feel of the Cloud environment, and the ease of finding and accessing content in the Learning Library. 
  2. What kind of reports are Avnet administrators running on uPerform Cloud and how have they helped your training team? The new reporting functionality including how many documents we have published are run frequently. 
  3. Can we keep using the current uPerform on-premise server solution without the upgrade to Cloud? Yes, but you won't be able to take advantage of some of the latest functionality mentioned today, including third-party eLearning content management in uPerform, mobile-responsiveness of Learning Library, eLearning course enhancements, the new reporting engine, etc.
  4. Are there any types of content or settings that cannot be transferred to the Cloud as part of the migration process? Yes, but not to worry! The design of the new reporting functionality does not allow the transfer of custom reports created on the on-premise server, but our Client Success team will help you build out new reports on the new Cloud system.
  5. On average, how long does the system freeze last? Can end-users access the system during this time? Freezes last between 3-5 days, depending on the scope of the migration project. Most clients keep the on-premise environment available to end-users during the transition so help content is available to end-users.
  6. How does uPerform Cloud make it easier to manage my users? With the new identity (user management) release administrators can capture and track a lot more information about their users. With enhanced user management and extended user profiles, administrators can capture additional user information including location, department, organization, etc. With this additional data, you can group your users by different profile elements and have uPerform automatically categorize users into groups and use groups to control access to content. If you want to limit certain content to a subset of your users, you can do that easily with the new group and user management functionality available only with uPerform Cloud.
  7. Where can I find documentation that outlines the upgrade process? All of our documentation, videos, and guides are available in our Intelligence Hub. We've provided a list of helpful resources above to make it easy to get started. 
  8. How do you handle integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS), such as SuccessFactors? uPerform has almost always been able to support AICC eLearning content. You can set it up so that the content resides in uPerform when you're launching a course from an LMS. The AICC format is designed to allow that level of communication across domains. With uPerform Cloud, we're adding the capability to support SCORM eLearning content - so administrators can upload Captivate, Storyline, and content from your LMS in uPerform, which can be launched from your LMS. Administrators will no longer be required to replicate content in your LMS - enabling you to manage all of your content in uPerform. Contact us if you're interested in learning more! 
  9. What happens with users with more fields than the default allows which have already been loaded via XML? The new uPerform Cloud user upload and update process is a simple CSV upload. Simply upload the additional user data and the uPerform system will add the additional data to the user profiles, including automatically assigning users to groups based on profile data, enabling any content filtering you have set up using the Cloud.
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