Hear from your Peer – How Perrigo supports their training strategy with uPerform - Webinar recording

Planning an upgrade to SAP Fiori® or S/4HANA®? uPerform stands ready to support your rollout. But don’t take our word for it – listen as Jason Hess, Manager, IT&S Change Management at Perrigo,  shares his experience using uPerform over the years to successfully prepare and support employees during software upgrades, including an upcoming Fiori rollout. 

Watch the webinar to hear Jason's best practices and lessons he’s learned as a uPerform Administrator, so you can apply his proven approach for your next go-live project.  


Hear from your Peer - How Perrigo supports their training strategy with uPerform - MP4 recording


1. How do you manage your translations? Who translates?

For French we use the uPerform template, which translates a lot of the standard words and actions in the documents. We have the notes translated by a translator. We had a translator go in there and we also exported to the XLIFF file. We only translate the work instructions. For example, the folks in Israel have an English version, but they also have a work instruction that is in Hebrew.

2. Is your Perrigo Help Site hosted in uPerform?

Yes, we use a branded version of the uPerform Learning Library that we call the Perrigo Help Site.

3. Do you use a course catalog linking training content to an SAP access profile? If yes, do you manage this in uPerform? How?

No, we do not. We keep everything in the Perrigo help site. Right now, we are working to link our LMS so that folks working in specific roles can get to the learning and the specific uPerform they need.

4. What version of uPerform are you on? Are you on the cloud? Do you use Fiori and use uPerform to build Fiori content?

Yes, we are on the cloud. We made that change a couple years ago we were one of the first. It’s been a very good thing for us to do - it allowed us to upgrade a lot easier and allows our users to access content globally a lot easier now that we are on the cloud.

5. Do you use Fiori and use uPerform to build Fiori content?

We are using uPerform to make Fiori content (we are just starting and so we have made about 20 uPerforms so far) and we are getting the context-sensitive help enabled right now, and it’s been working just fine.

6. Some SAP screens contain numerous fields and functions, do you use a specific naming convention for files accessible via context-sensitive help so users can find quickly the specific training content they need quickly?

It’s a great recommendation to have a naming convention. So, we use ‘transaction-noun –verb'. So, it's like ‘MMO1-create –master-data'. We put the business area that the document pertains to in the naming file. So that way if someone is looking for MMO1, they will get many options, but they'll see in parentheses the business area that that document really pertains to. That's worked really well for us. So, for example, it would be ‘MMO1-create master-data(procurement)’.

7. Do you have a chatbot? Is it integrated to uPerform?

No, we do not.

8. Do you use an LMS if so, which do you use? And do you have any plans to integrate the LMS in you perform?

We use SuccessFactors which is maintained by our HR department. Over the years, we've slowly been getting our content connected to curriculum and especially now that we're on the cloud, it allows us to make those connections to SuccessFactors. Now that we're making more e-learning courses and uPerform content, we're making those connections to roll-based curriculum.

9. Did you have any issues driving the adoption of the simulations?

The biggest challenge is internal marketing, so, it's really been kind of on a project-by-project basis. For example, we're working on a SAP Integration right now and did a big presentation about the training strategy and introduced uPerform with a quick demo. Over the years more and more people know about uPerform and that's how we get the word out. People just love it. They really like it and that's been good press.

10. What metrics do you report on regularly? Where does the data come from? Do you measure deflection rates?

We want to know the hit count. So, how often is content being used? Was it worth our effort to put in the time to make the content. We're able to tell who the users are and get some information about the folks that are accessing it. We use all the standard reporting functionality in uPerform and that's been working for us.

11. What do you typically do when planning a new project?

I use the design-develop-deliver approach and that works well for our organization. Our approach is kind of a needs assessment, - understand the scope, what we're trying to do, understand who your subject matter experts are, and who you are going to partner with. Is it the vendor or internal resources? Once we understand that and the organization has defined how they're going to use the tool and the requirements, that’s when we hop in and start to the design phase. Another thing we do is process mapping, so our main team helps facilitate a lot of that, it all coincides with really good information, like change, impact, and assessments. From a uPerform perspective we design the curriculum and start to understand how the course will flow, what the transactions are that we need to teach, and the different screens we need to teach.. We make the uPerform recording with the business or vendor, and then we prepare for the delivery phase. For first time learning, we always try to do a classroom style event, when possible. With an upgrade we might do a different approach as far as delivery.

12. Can you assign your standalone BPPs to end user via your LMS or only eLearning's?

Business Process Procedures (BPPs) have been something we’ve wrestled with over the years. Years ago when we started back in 2009 with uPerform, we had to educate the business and replace BPPs with uPerform recordings. Previously BPP's were not controlled and so with the FDA we wanted to control our documents and have more rigor around how they're maintained. The biggest thing with BPP’s is that they were housed anywhere -they were in SharePoint, on somebody's computer, - it’s a lot of work to do an inventory and it takes like a lot of time. Right now, we're planning a strategy that lets let's use both. I want to try to put them in a consistent method on our Perrigo help site. My strategy is really chatting with them about uPerform as much as possible.

13. What do you have set up for the expiration? how many days?

We don't use the expiration functionality in uPerform right now. Our documents are considered Controlled -they sit with our control team/document team. We have a two-year neatness review and anything that's not controlled, that's just other type of documentation. We rely on the business to maintain their documents, so it's more kind of a manual like process.

14. Do you have dedicated staff to administer and create content with uPerform? If so, how many staff members do you have?

So, there's four of us that are that have the uPerform client on our computers, and we’re the ones that really drive the creation of content. Occasionally we might have a vendor assist us. For Fiori, we work with the vendor, and they had some offsite folks that created content and we worked with them, but that is rare. We usually do the one-on-one method where we sit with the business and do the recording on our computer. We find it's more efficient for us to do the recording. They review it and give us the final OK.


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