Transforming Oracle Training and beyond with the uPerform digital learning platform - Webinar recording

Planning an Oracle upgrade or looking for an alternative to Oracle UPK? Look no further than the uPerform digital learning platform. uPerform empowers users to become masters of Oracle eBusiness Suite, Fusion Apps, PeopleSoft, and other software applications with relevant training materials, including work instructions, simulations, and videos, available right in the flow of work. 

But don’t take our word for it – watch our webinar where guest presenters Ursula Boudreaux, Training Systems Manager, and Debra Riley, Technology Training Systems Administrator at Crowley Maritime Corporation, shared their experience using uPerform over the years to successfully prepare and support employees during software rollouts and upgrades. You’ll learn the benefits Crowley experiences from creating, managing, and distributing content for Oracle and other enterprise applications in the single uPerform-hosted learning repository.


Transforming Oracle Training and beyond with the uPerform digital learning platform - MP4 recording


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1. Do you require that employees complete training? If so, are you able to track completion in uPerform? 

Some of our training is required, and others are just on a pull basis. For example, compliance training is required and once training is completed using uPerform, we can track it and report that training usage to our compliance department. Additionally, our company requires employees that are not managers to complete 20 hours of training a year, and managers have to complete 40. The training in the Learning library counts towards that. Debra manages that and is able to pull that information to ensure people that are completing on-demand training will get credit for their hours. 

2. Do you know if your employees prefer viewing help using one content type or over another? 

We have a population that really likes videos - they watch the video-like 'see it’ option of the simulations quite often. We've adopted a blended learning approach because we know that one size doesn't fit all and we want people to experience the training in the way that's best for them. We offer the ‘try it’ simulation option that allows users to walk through the steps in a demo-like environment. We have employees from different countries with different cultures, and different ways for them to learn, so we try to provide different options that can work for them.

3. Can you tell us a little bit more about the benefits you're seeing by having one centralized platform for training? 

Our company is very diverse. We have locations in Alaska, Seattle, and Central America. Our users love that they have one location they can go to and look for technology-specific training, as opposed to jumping from link to link or searching around on Sharepoint. We've gotten positive feedback from users on that. I think the greatest benefit is being able to have the training available in the user's language. 

4. Can you tell us a little bit more about translating learning content for your employees, what languages you use, and how that process works for you? 

We translate content into Spanish. Once the recording is completed in English, we do a 'file save as' which lets us save content to a different language by update the language files. We have a team member who transcribes or translates the English content into Spanish, and then we upload that content in uPerform. Spanish is the only language that we have branched out into so far, but we try to accommodate our end users as best we can. 

5. Do you have any training content which is housed in an LMS system? If so, is it accessible from the uPerform library? 

Not at this time because we don't have a formal LMS yet - but I would like to mention a benefit of the uPerform is that we can still manage our eLearning courses even though we don't have a full-blown LMS. 

Note: With uPerform, you can integrate your LMS via AICC or SCORM, which is a new enhancement we rolled out a couple of months ago. Learn more about by watching the Managing eLearning courses in uPerform with or without an LMS webinar recording.

6. Do you have any end-users who access your learning content on a mobile device? 

Yes, we do have a few. Everyone has their own personal mobile device which makes our training content more easily accessible. We have not deployed mobile devices company-wide as a company resource, but the information is available from their personal mobile devices. Kronos lends itself to be mobile-friendly and quite a few people that were part of the implementation used their mobile devices and cell phones to obtain their training. 

7. Do you organize content in the uPerform Learning Library using groups or another method? 

Our content is grouped by technology - we have a Learning Library folder for each, such as Oracle or Salesforce. We organize the content even further by using subfolders either by modules, such as Accounts Payable, or role types, such as First-line responders or supervisors.

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