uPerform Management Center and Learning Library Enhancements

Over the last few months, ANCILE has been busy working on several new enhancements based on client feedback. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be launching several enhancements and process changes to the Management Center and Learning Library.

These enhancements will be rolled out to Production in phases starting on or around Saturday, November 27, 2021. You will receive an additional email with your Production migration date once it has been scheduled. To help you prepare for the rollout, the following enhancements are now available in your Preview environment:  

Enhanced Content Management 

In the latest version of uPerform, we’ve improved the ways administrators manage their content structure and user access, including: 

  • Easier assignment of content to multiple groups and Learning Library locations
  • New insight into documents published based on group assignment 
  • Quickly filter content that’s published or not published and translations available
  • Group filtering functionality now available for web documents  

Watch our video for a sneak peek of what’s changing in the Management Center: 

Important Update for Administrators: 

The following administrative functions have been removed from the Document Library and migrated to the new Learning Library Management page in the Management Center:

  • Assigning and managing website context
  • Assigning training content to groups  

Improved Learning Library Notifications

In this release, learners benefit from several enhancements to the Share (formerly Tell Others) and Followed Documents/Folders notifications, including:

  • Custom branding available for email notifications
  • Emails sent using the Share feature now appear in the Notifications list
  • Badge counts identify unread notifications in the Learning Library
  • Global preferences for Share and Followed Documents and Folders notification frequency 

Check out our video for a preview of the Notification enhancements:


Important Update for Learners:

A default global preference was selected for each learner’s Share and Followed Documents/Folders preference based on the individual’s most frequently selected setting (i.e., immediately, daily, or weekly). This new global preference eliminates the need for learners to choose a frequency every time they follow each individual document or folder in the Learning Library.


We’re here if you have any questions or need additional support. Submit a ticket and we’ll be happy to help. 

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  • Avatar
    Karen Bowden

    Hi, Caitlin. Will there be any more videos about the new features made available? These are very quick and fast and seem designed for marketing purposes. Thank you in advance.

  • Avatar
    Caitlin McVeigh

    Hi Karen, I hope you are well!

    Yes, the uPerform team is working on additional how-to videos to help Administrators navigate the Management Center enhancements. We will be sharing them as soon as they are finished.